Who is this punk?
Visual Arts...
Illustrations, Storyboards, 3D Modeling, and Animations.  I hope you like 'em.
Audio Arts...
Some tracks I've recorded, including guitar, bass, drums and keyboards.  
If you must know...
Well, I'm a guy who's drawn and doodled his way
through life.  My imagination and life experiences
are my guides.

I earned my Associates in Applied Science from
Antonelli Institute of Art and Photography,
Pennsylvania, and my Baccalaureate in Science -
Game Art Design from Westwood College,

I am a decorated U.S. Marine, honorably discharged.
Crafts et al.  Knife making, Powderhorns, Scrimshaw, Carving and Beadwork.  
18th Century Militiaman - Living Historian/Educator.
Please, enjoy.  If you need innovative illustrations for your story, concept
art for a video game, or 3d modeling, give me a holler;  I'd be glad to hear from

Questions and comments are always welcome.  Check back
now and then; I'll be updating regularly.  
Thanks for stopping by!
All work on this site is copyrighted by Tim Brown, except where otherwise credited.
Click on the Picture to
view the demo.
"Morning Comes to Bravo Colony"  - 3ds Max & Photoshop, 2008